The team of Check-in PR counts several experienced copywriters who can shape your message and adapt it to the receiving target group. They not only have experience in writing media releases, they also write editorial content for magazines and websites and have experience and knowledge of ‘the other side’.

Our media database

Check-in PR has access to an extensive database with media contacts, using the services of Smart PR and Journa. This system covers both the Netherlands and Belgium media landscape.  In addition to this CRM system, we also build our own database of valuable media contacts in the field of travel, lifestyle, events and food. We do not want to miss out on any chances.

Monitoring and reporting

For monitoring the results on the Dutch market and your ROI of sending your media release, we work with the services of the Media Info Groep. You will receive an overview of the clipping results one week after the sending date of the media release.


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